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Swiss engineering and geomatic consulting firm, Mosini Caviezel SA, tests terrestrial photogrammetry for indoor mapping as a new method to establish property plans. They evaluate the optimal indoor mapping workflow, testing different positions and methods for data capture.

Sequoia: Designed for Agriculture image description

Index Maps + Orthomosaics both from one flight, using multispectral sensors and the RGB camera.


Radiometrically Precise. Avoid contiguous band contamination with narrow discrete Red, Green, Red-Edge, and Near-Infrared bands.

Built for every drone, designed for Ag. Fixed-wing or quadcopter, integrate Sequoia on your platform.


Calibration Report. Bundle adjustment details, internal camera parameters, and camera rig relatives are checked for every camera. Learn more.


Sample Calibration Report


Unique Compatibility with Pix4D Software. Leverage the full radiometric and geometric accuracy of the camera.


The Sunshine Sensor. Correcting for illumination in differences on real time.

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Recreate Flights

Recreate Flights

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