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  • Power-line Inspection and Condition Monitoring.
  • Pipeline Inspection.
  • Highway Inspection and Condition monitoring.
  • Aerial Mapping for Land Surveyors. (DDA, ASI,       GIS development Authorities).
  • Open Mines Surveillance.

What Is an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle System (UAVS)?

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems (UAVS) are the most advance and rapidly growing Aviation Technology. They were developed for saving human lives in the Battle field by sending them in place of Humans in advance posts for gathering Intelligence which can be used by Commanders for making strategies in the War room. UAVS are Aircrafts with no Pilot or Crew On-Board. They are either piloted remotely be Military trained pilots sitting in safe areas or Autonomously by the soldiers in the battle field. UAVS are the perfect example of the saying:-

"Never send a Human to do a Machines Job"

Power-line Inspection & Monitoring (Multi Rotor UAV)

Target Industry: Power Grid Corporation of India (Ministry of Power)

Our Solution for the Industry : Multi-copters UAVS can be used very efficiently by a team of 2 trained members for completing this task without any of the above Problems.

Advantage of Using Multi-copter : 1) Team size required for Inspection and Condition monitoring will reduce to 2. 2) Number of Poles that can be inspected in One day will be more including Overhanging Cables. 3) Power supply will not be disrupted for the operation. 4) More accurate and efficient decision making will be possible as the Live video from the Copter can be streamed to Experts directly. 5) Health Hazard will be avoided. 6) Difficult remote locations of Transmission Towers can be accessed easily. 7) Annual Maintenance budget will reduce.

Highway Inspection and Monitoring

Target Industry: National Highway Authority of India.

Our Solution : With Fixed wing UAVS Highway inspection and monitoring can be done with lot of ease with minimum number of team. Traffic alerts can be released in time for proper planning of traffic diversion.


Open Mines Surveillance

Aerial Mapping for Land Surveyors


UAVs in combination with photogrammetric are an emerging technology providing an innovative platform for flexible aerial imagery acquisition.

Easy to use and flexible, UAVs provide users the ability to create orthophotos and Digital Surface Models (DSM) from aerial imagery for mid-sized areas previously only accessible at higher costs and with longer planning cycles. UAVs are used in a variety of applications including preliminary surveys for corridors and rights-of-way, volumetric surveys, high-level topographic surveys, land fill inspection, and much more.

The combination of UAVs and low-altitude photogrammetric as an image collection platform opens up new opportunities for surveyors to use aerial imagery for the rapid acquisition of high-density geospatial data.

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